Kari Mutka

Kari Mutka has a long experience in bioenergy, which he has obtained via a long career at Vapo Oy, one of the biggest and most diverse bioenergy companies in Europe. He has worked as a manager in the peat industry, sawmill industry, horticultural peat industry and environmental business (communal waste management, composting) and has been responsible for launching, developing and organizing horticultural and environmental businesses. In addition, Mutka has a long experience in boards, steering committees, international cooperation and in the European Union’s energy and climate agreements and related legislation. Read more…

In addition to our staff, Biodiili Oy has a large network of bioenergy experts for projects of larger scale. They possess long experience in their sectors, from wood chipping, field energy, peat and waste management to power plants and heating systems. This allows us to customize resources according to the needs of the customer and the scale and requirements of the project.