Products and services

The expertise of Biodiili is based on a long-term, holistic and extensive experience on the utilization of various energy sources ranging from raw material to production, refining and use. Our first field of expertise is the management of production chain of wood, peat, agro energy and waste from peatlands, forests and communities to power plants and ash recycling. Our second field of experties is good knowledge of European Union climate and energy policy and legislation and their effects on bioenergy markets and business environment. Thirdly, we are specialized in strategic planning, management of bioenergy companies and organizations, assessing business possibilities, helping strategy implementation and developing everyday business. In addition to our own staff, we have a network of professionals for projects of larger scale, which includes top experts on forest energy, peat production and power plants. We operate in English and Finnish languages and to some extend in Swedish and Italian for request. Our fourth area of expertise is based on the cooperation with engineering bureau Steiger. We are able to offer a wide choice of crucial services to the peat industry, including but not limited to geological research, peat reserves estimation, Environmental Impact Assessment and monitoring.

What we can offer in bioenergy sector


  • pre-feasibility studies
  • feasibility studies
  • strategic planning
  • planning of operative management
  • business planning
  • EU-expertise


  • marketing support
  • management support
  • product development support


  • taking care of permitting processes
  • assessment of business opportunities
  • support on company acquisition in bioenergy sector
  • relevant education

In short, we help you make your bioenergy business better.

Our new joint venture, Steiger Energy and Environment offers the following services:


  • Geological research
  • Geological exploration and assessment
  • Resource assessment
  • Residual reserve estimation
  • Resource consultancy
  • Geotechnical research
  • Land improvement research

Planning and Design

  • Extraction projects
  • Production plans
  • Development plans
  • Rehabilitation projects
  • Water treatment and drainage projects
  • Pumping station project
  • Land improvement planning and projects
  • Road construction projects


  • Baseline environmental studies
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Organizing and executing monitoring
  • Project preparation for emission allowances
  • Ambient air pollution permit application preparation
  • Dust and exhaust gas dispersion models
  • Sound scattering calculations and modeling

Mine Survey

  • Topo-geodetic survey
  • Marking out objects, facilities, borders & other
  • Determination of the residual reserve
  • Surveying and calculating stockpile volumes
  • Cadastral surveying and land consolidation

Consulting Services

  • Operational assistance
  • Risk analysis
  • Management of extraction operations
  • Competent person reports
  • Professional and legal consultation of matters of peat harvesting
  • Independent expert reports

Laboratory Services

  • Analysis of peat organic composition, calorific value, degree of composition, natural moisture content and other analysis
  • Measurement of equivalent noise levels
  • Outdoor and indoor air dust concentration measurements
  • Other environmental studies